LYBA House League Rules


General Information

·  Coaches’ of each team need to bring their basketballs for each game.

·  No basketballs are allowed to be bounced in the hallways

·  All children must be supervised at all times

·  Children are not allowed to play in the hallway.

·  Coaches’ need to make sure that all players get picked up after practices and games.

·  If school is cancelled because of weather then all practices that day will be cancelled.

·  No shirts vs. skins all players must wear a shirt at all times.

·  No one is allowed under the bleachers.

·  No climbing the bleachers when they are closed.

·  Treat the bathrooms (and the rest of the school) with respect.

·  Games need to start and end on time so we can stay on schedule.

·  Respect coaches' and referee's decisions and calls.

·  Fans and players should be positive and respectful

High School Basketball rules will apply including following the 5 foul rule, except for the following changes:

K-2 Grade Boys & Girls Practice

·  Use 27 size balls

·  The first part of the gym time is set aside for skill stations. Coaches set up 4-6 stations and hold drills (rotating the players through each station) that focus on the key areas of basketball: Ball Handling, Shooting Technique, Rebounding Skills, Passing Skills, Defensive Techniques. The LYBA has provided some ideas on drills that can be done during these sessions and indicated the expected difficult level associated with each drill. Coaches are encouraged to add their own experience to these lists to build variety and fun into these opportunities for players to grown their skills.

·  The rest of the gym time should be used for scrimmage sessions for the players to apply the knowledge they have just gained. Players should remain within the paint on defense and no trapping is allowed.

1-2 Grade Boys & Girls Scrimmage Rules

·  Use 27 size balls

·  The scrimmage shall consist of four 8 minute running time quarters. The clock will only be stopped for foul shots, injuries and major substitutions.

·  There will be a one-minute time out between quarters and three minutes shall be allowed at halftime.

·  All players shall be in uniform (Shirts will be provided by LYBA, player is responsible for wearing black shorts and appropriate basketball footwear) and will have their shirts tucked in. Any player failing to meet this dress code shall not be allowed on the playing surface.

·  No jewelry may be worn

·  Score may be kept on the scoreboard during play but must be zeroed out at the end of the quarter.

·  Coaches shall referee their own games.

·  Players should remain within the paint on defense and there is no trapping.


3-4 Grade Boys & Girls

·  Use 28.5 size balls

·  Games will be four 8-minute quarters. 5 minute half time.

·  Defense should be divided equally between man-to-man and 2-1-2 (Zone). Coaches should confer before games about which half is man-to-man and which is zone.

·  No press or trapping is allowed, players must pick up at half court.

·  All infractions should be called by the officials.

5-8 Grades Boys & Girls

·  Girls – 28.5 size balls

·  Boys – regulation size balls

·  Games will be four 8-minute quarters. 5 minute half time.

·  Defense is restricted to man-to-man defense.

·  Pressing is allowed the last 2 minutes of the 2nd and 4th quarters. If a team is up by 10 or more, no pressing is allowed.