I.        Mission Statement

LENOX YOUTH BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION (referred as LYBA) is an organization designed to help promote and develop basketball programs for boys' and girls' in the first through eighth grades. The development of boys' & girls' basketball will focus on providing the youth with the fundamental understanding an enjoyment of basketball. Participation and sportsmanship will be stressed at all levels, with a primary concern for developing basic individual skills and general team concepts.

   II.        Organization of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of 4 Elected Positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and up to 9 additional members. All members of the Board are voting positions. Elected Board members shall serve a term of 1 year with elections being held every year.

  III.        Duties of Elected Offices

                   A.        President

             §   The President serves as overseer of all LYBA operations, functions and activities.

             §   Member assignments

             §   Approves the basketball calendar.

             §   Votes only when a tie occurs between voting members.

             §   Appoints a board member to take minutes if Secretary is absent.

             §   President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer will investigate complaints and discipline concerns for both House League and Travel League. If any disciplinary action is to be considered, this committee of four will form a panel to hear the issues, make decisions and report to the board.

             §   Schedules all board meetings.

             §   Responsible checking mail at the Post Office box.

             §   Responsible to review, monitor and maintain proper insurance coverage.

                   B.        Vice President

             §   Performs all of the above with the President and fills in for President if absent for any reason.

                  C.        Treasurer

             §   Responsible for LYBA finances including payment of all approved expenditures and accounting of income from program registrations, tournaments, sponsors and other sources.

             §   Responsible for all cash needs at tournaments, tickets and concession.

             §   Issues a financial statement report at all monthly board meetings.

                  D.        Secretary

             §   Takes minutes at board meetings. If the Secretary is absent; the President will appoint someone to take minutes.

             §   Assists with registrations and with tournament concessions.

             §   Responsible for flyer distribution for LYBA fundraising, snack bars and general information.

             §   Responsible for sign distribution prior to online registration.

 IV.        Meetings

o    Meetings will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 6-7pm at Lenox Community Center unless conflicts arise. The President will give advance notice if any changes.

o    Must be a minimum of fifty percent (50%) of the board members present before an issue can be voted upon. Issues requiring a vote without the minimum numbers of members present must be tabled until the next meeting. Board members must attend 80% of the meetings in order to stay on the Board. If you cannot make a meeting, please contact the President by email or phone.

   V.        Terms of Membership

o    New members of the LYBA Board are elected by a majority of the members present and may remain as members for as long as they participate actively in the work of LYBA.

o    Any Board member engaging in activity deemed detrimental to LYBA can be removed by a majority vote of the Board.

o    Any member demonstrating consistent reluctance to participate and contribute to designated board activities will be contacted by the President to discuss the member’s intention of remaining active. Results of this meeting may also generate removal action by the board.

o    All members of the LYBA Board are responsible for attending any LYBA activities (ex. House League, Travel tournaments, etc.) All positions are responsible for assigned activities.

o    All members must be "active members" by attending scheduled meetings on time as well as to participate in our fundraisers and House League program.

o    LYBA Board has the right to ask a board member to step down if board members are not fulfilling their role as Board Members and for disciplinary measurements.

 VI.        Election of New Members

o    A vacancy on the Board will be filled as soon as possible. New members will be required to complete a questionnaire and return it to the President for review & election by the current LYBA Board members.

o    Candidates for the vacant positions must commit to and support our youth basketball as a whole, rather than simply a narrow segment of our program.

o    Nominations of prospective members may be placed before the Board by any member considered in active standing. Nominations will be made in advance to the prospective member’s attendance.

VII.        Player Participation in the Traveling/House Leagues

The Traveling League is for players who want to play basketball at a higher competition level than "in-house". These players possess better than average individual basketball skills. The House League is for players who want to play basketball with other students. Travel Team participants must play house league if we do not have enough players unless given permission by the LYBA Board. Participants in the LYBA house program can be a resident of any community.

 .     House Team Selection

             §   House Teams will have a minimum of 8 players.

             §   Equal playing time – no exceptions.

             §   If player misses 2 House League games or practices, they cannot play in their travel games.

A.   Travel Team Selection

             §   Tryouts are open to all players who have paid their registration fee and are in grades 3 through 8.

             §   Traveling teams should have a minimum of eight and maximum of twelve players. If tryouts are needed, they will be held. LYBA will have members of the Board as well as Coaches evaluating each player.

             §   LYBA tryouts for the 5/6 & 7/8 Travel teams will be a closed door session unless circumstances warrant otherwise.

             §   Travel Tryouts are held during late October/early November. There will be two tryout sessions for each team.

             §   One year of House League is mandatory before being able to tryout for a travel team unless the follow occurs:

                                                   a.        the player is in the 8th grade

                                                   b.        the player is new to the town – LYBA decides

                                                    c.        the player is new in 3rd grade – LYBA decides

             §   Though every player is guaranteed playing time, this does not mean equal playing time. Issues such as missed practices, bad attitude, not following coach’s instructions, etc. affect this latter coaching decision. The only acceptable reason for a player not playing in a game is injury or disciplinary action.

B.   Coach Selection

             §   Candidates may be male or female. They should be at least 18 years of age or have board approval. The candidates should have basic knowledge of the game and possess good administration and management skills and follow the rules of the LYBA Board.

             §   LYBA Board may interview each applicant and must select a coach for each travel/house team. If there are not enough coaches to fill all of the positions, a committee will be required to recruit qualified individuals for those open positions. Coaches are approved for the current season only and must be approved each year to continue in the travel program. The Board has the authority to terminate and replace coaches who exhibit inappropriate behaviors as determined by the Board. The coach has the right to appeal the decision at regular Board meetings.

             §   Perspective coaches will be asked to fill out paperwork for a Cori Check to be done before coaching.


LYBA encourages its players, parents and coaches to always consider the negative consequences associated with inappropriate behavior and be aware that "discipline will come before basketball" without exception.



             §   Parents should conduct themselves responsibly.

             §   Accept willingly and graciously the decisions of the officials.

             §   Make sure your child arrives to practice and games at the appropriate times. Make sure your child is picked up immediately after all practices and games.

             §   Educate with the rules and regulations of Travel and House basketball.

             §   In the event of questions or concerns, please contact the LYBA President or Vice President.


             §   Play the game for the love of the game.

             §   Be a team player.

             §   Be gracious in losing and winning.

             §   Obey the rules.

             §   Accept willingly and graciously the decisions of the official.

             §   Any player removed from the game for fighting will be suspended for the next game.

             §   Chronic discipline problems will be brought before the LYBA Board for consideration of suspension for the season.

             §   Be prompt to all practices and games.

             §   Educate yourself with the rules and regulations of travel, house and high school basketball.


             §   Understand the rules of the game and share that understanding with the players.

             §   Treat the players fairly and equally.

             §   Be prompt for all practices and games.

             §   Be considerate of other teams.

             §   Be well prepared for practices.

             §   Have knowledge in first aid.

             §   Teach players to respect official’s decisions.

             §   Educate players on the rules and regulations, importance of skill development, and the off-season development opportunities.

             §   Any disciplinary action involving the suspension of a player must be reported by the coach to the LYBA Board.

             §   Noncompliance with this code of ethics will result in a review of the coach by the LYBA Board to determine the disciplinary action.

   X.        Miscellaneous

o    Board will decide any issues not covered under these bylaws.

o    Coaches from each team must attend a coaches meeting at beginning & end of season.

o    LYBA reserves the right to amend these bylaws.

o    All Travel uniforms will be maroon, gold and white only.

o    No handouts to players unless approved by LYBA.

o    Any player injured during or before the tryouts will be evaluated due to previous experience, if that player is able to return before mid-season. If this player is considered capable of playing travel basketball, they will be added to the already chosen roster of players.

o    Players with no previous experience who are injured will be handled on a case by case basis.

o    The results of the tryouts will be made known within 24-48 hours after the tryouts have been completed. Calls will be made to each player.

o    LYBA, Morris, and LMMHS have a dress code at school and in the gyms. Clothes must be on at all times. No shirts & skins scrimmaging.